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Vanessa Ravell-

Absolutely moorish. Bought a bag of the Kimchi last week at the Orange Grove markets and with spoon in hand almost polished off the bag in one go. Fresh, crunchy & delicious with just the right amount of chilli. LOVE IT❤️I'll be back


Tara Anstey-

All 4.. So awesome. So yummy. So good for me!


Rachel Thew-

Very yummy and a super food I am new to consuming, but already feel better for it. Yum with most meals and by its self. But one of my favourite ways to eat it, is definitely, served on top of seasoned and buttered baked or steamed potato, with sour cream and parsley. Yummm! While there are a number of fermented food producers, the fermented products and home kit from ferment it, are exceptionally good... actually, great... actually, the best!


Sara Carter-

Great instructions, nice and easy - Voila, first batch of sauerkraut made after purchase of kit this morning at the French's Forest Organic Markets.


Helen Smith-

Love the sauerkraut and the beetroot!

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